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We are Abeer Alotaibi Consulting service specializing in helping companies move in the complex rules of tax deposit obligations. Our goal is to make the tax deposit affordable and free of trouble. We have years of experience dealing with complex tax issues after helping hundreds of companies over the years. We understand that every situation is unique and we treat every client as if he is our only client.

Our Profile

Our Vision

At our office, we treat each client's tax declaration as if it were our own by applying our full attention and experience. Our goal is to assure you that your tax decisions are always safe so that your life is free to enjoy those moments for which you worked hard.

Our Goal

We help you understand zakat and tax systems and their practical applications in industry, trade, and other services Study and analysis of corporate data and reports to determine the optimal mechanism for compatibility with Zakat and Income Authority requirements and regulations Preparation of zakat and tax declarations by specialists and experts, and receipt certificates and letters of facilitation for enterprises and individuals.

Our Mission

Our endeavor is to foster bespoke trust with every one of our customers. We encourage the customers to cut through bureaucracy and to draw out consideration changes in legislation that you should think about. We also intend to feature new plans announced by the Government that may profit your business, as well as business interest.

  • To assist our clients with accomplishing their financial objectives
  • To foster inventive and cost effective solutions
  • To help make business effective and adaptable
  • To assist our clients with extending geological areas

Other Services

  • E-registration of enterprises and companies
  • Zakat and tax consulting to determine the optimal mechanism for companies and enterprises following regulations and assizes
  • Issuance and receipt of certificates from the State Authority for Zakat and Income
  • Provide monthly deductible tax returns with a review
  • Preparation and modification of the corporate and enterprise accounting system to conform to the value-added tax system
  • Review invoices and documents, and prepare tax returns to and deliver them to Zakat and Income authority
  • Consulting contracts and conventions, and determining the extent of its Zakat and tax impact
  • Preparation and processing of the zakat and tax declaration and accompanying attached statements and determination of the Zakat and tax due from the client.
  • Respond to the argumentation of the authority of Zakat and income, and prepare letters of objection on the zakat and taxation disputes in case they include mistakes.
  • To attend the first-instance and appeal committees and the Ombudsman's Office on behalf of the client, until the termination of his status with those parties.
  • Double taxation

Our Client

We are extremely fortunate to have excellent partnership with a large number of our clients. And, we've framed something other than working relationships with them. Take a look on the list of our clients and give a Call to us for a Consultation.

Our Values


Each of our accountants has considerable work experience and provides a unique perspective for the company. We have more profound experience in providing accounting, financial consultation to clients throughout the Kingdom.


You deserve the best, and our registered accountants are tax experts. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the accuracy of your Zakat & Tax, VAT or WithHolding Tax.


We believe in the provision of distinct tax services at a direct, fair, and honest price. We are ensuring there are no hidden or sudden charges, so you know exactly what to expect in your bill.

Client Centric Approach
Client Centric Approach

We love our customers! We center on making our customers successful. Accordingly, we function as their strategic partners so we can serve their best interest and pleasure them with our consistent services.

Team Work
Team Work

Together we can win! Our dedicated and experienced staffs are responsible for our continued success. We're committed to offer our teams the chance to be the best they can be.

Strong Work Ethic
Strong Work Ethic

A solid work ethic is important to an organization to accomplish its objectives. Each representative, from low level employee to CEO follows the morals and good standards to stay with the company functioning at its pinnacle.

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